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The AUDACIOUS SELF is a course developed by Mr. Zerbe in which he works one-on-one twice a week, for five weeks, with each of ten students and gives one lecture each week to all ten students.

THE AUDACIOUS SELF is an attempt to reconcile for the actor the growing notion of niche acting (associated with film persona) with the development of character.

A series of rigorous exercises that would allow the actor to first experience a sense of self and then, paradoxically, move that experience, centered by it, slowly and carefully from the self.

The discovery of an inherent self and the concentric widening of that self into character.
To create over the period of the course an experiential model that would reflect the dynamic of moving the actor to the part rather than the part to the actor.
A somebody else that is a facet of self.

"You will be drawn to these characters and begin to see them in yourself and yourself in them. Perhaps more than anything else, it is this delicate private engagement that I wish for you... the suspension of whatever reality you anchor on... the furtive displacement of your own self to allow a larger audacious self." Anthony Zerbe.

Anthony Zerbe Official Site


From 2007 - 2016, Mr. Zerbe taught his course THE AUDACIOUS SELF in the spring at the Stella Adler Studio of acting in New York City.

Anthony Zerbe Official Site


Mr. Zerbe is part of the adjunct faculty of the PROFESSIONAL THEATER TRAINING PROGRAM at the University of Delaware. He teaches his course THE AUDACIOUS SELF in January when the PROFESSIONAL THEATER TRAINING PROGRAM is offered.